Brand New Work @ On The Cusp

We will be performing a BRAND NEW, UNSEEN work at On The Cusp in October.


When: 7:30pm, Friday October 6, 2017

Where: Bondi Pavillion Theatre, Bondi, Australia

Tickets are available here.

On the Cusp is presented by Imagine Platform and aims to bring freedom to the creative process, show developmental works in an environment free of obilgatory outcomes and give back this freedom with its responsibility back to the creators in order support artists in their expression and to move the art form forward and in doing so open real exchange to new audiences through the performance itself as the dialogue of a celebration of freedom of artistic expression.

This years “On the Cusp” includes creators Allie Graham, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Bonnie Curtis, Adam Warburton, Yasmin Brock, Focult Parkour Newcastle Group, Jessa Holman, Florence Jiguet, Charemaine Seet and Seet Dance, Terumi Narushima and Kraig Brady as Clocks and Clouds, Jorvn Jones and Karen Kerkhoven.


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