This time 12 months ago we were getting ready to perform GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS for the first time ever.

Who knew we would end up touring the East Coast of Australia less than 12 months later?

The day we premiered GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS to the world was an incredibly emotional experience. I remember thinking “I don’t feel ready. We need another 2 weeks of rehearsals. We haven’t had 10 full run throughs before performing it like I planned. What if nobody laughs at the funny parts? Is it even good or is it terrible and I can’t see how bad it is?”

Up until this point I had no future plan for BCP after the show. This was it. It had to be a success for us to continue. I didn’t want to pour my heart and soul into something that was a failure. Thankfully it was a success and people liked what they saw.

So here we are today, 3 weeks out from our 4th season of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.

Here’s to everyone who has been involved in making BCP and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS what it is today!

There are way too many of you to list but you know who you are and how bloody awesome you are!


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