Chat with Dancer Anna McCulla

We caught up with dancer Anna McCulla and asked her some random questions to find out if Anna actually is a bogan.

Watch the video interview to find out or read the transcript below.

First Concert?

In 2009 I went to the Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga was the support actin the era where she wore the bubble suit and played the piano so yeah so yeah Pussycat Dolls, Girl Power, whooo! I don’t need no man (laughs).

Pauline Hanson or Tony Abbott?

I’m gonna go with Bonnie’s op on this one, go Pauline Pantsdown.

Something nobody knows about you?

God, I’m such an open book. I really should have more secrets but I don’t but something that you guys don’t know about me would be that I move to Melbourne at 5:30am tomorrow. That is my fact (laughs).

Book that changed your life?

I read the Silver Linings Playbook after watching the movie and then I became an Eagles fan so anyone who watches the NFL, I’m an Eagles fan.

Drug of choice?

Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad. Kids, don’t do ’em.

Anna arrived in Melbourne safe and sound. We will be reuniting Anna resumes her role of the Bogan Queen in GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS when we perform at the Melbourne Fringe next week!!!


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