October News – Exciting News!


It has been just over a week since our shows in Melbourne and boy am I still feeling the effects of all the good wine and food we had.

A few of us headed back straight away but a couple of us stayed on in Melbourne a few days after our shows to relax, do some shopping, eat pasta and drink more wine. We are having an extended break over the school holidays because, to be quite honest, we had too much of a good time and need to recover with several hours more sleep, and maybe a detox. But hey, when in Rome?

If you missed out on all the fun and excitement, you can catch up on our tour highlights on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We will share some highlights from this tour that won’t be visible on social media. These include:

– No road trips with bad Britney Spears renditions.

– Sara Moad lost her crown as the destroyer of costumes, the title now goes to Steph Wyburn (this probably isn’t is a highlight).

– We had a guest MC come in with 48 hours notice. She did a bloody great job and you couldn’t tell I sent her the wrong script… Her name is Stephanie Harrison and she is a Melbourne local who totally fit in with the BCP family. Absolute legend!

– We had an awesome lighting tech person who had to deal with the stress of lights not doing what they were meant to (instead of Bonnie – this is the biggest highlight!).


We have some VERY exciting news and we just can’t keep it in.

We are starting a brand new work and we will be working on it while getting ready for our FIRST INTERNATIONAL TOUR!!!

Yes, that’s right.

Our first international tour. 

We will be performing GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS in SECRET LOCATION in March 2019, stay tuned for more details!

We really want to tell you where but we have to make you guess so we will give 3 cryptic clues as to where we are going and 1 not so cryptic clue.

1. There’s a big, long cloud hanging about.

2. We are performing in the home town of one of our dancers.

3. There are more sheep than people in this country.

4. Modern and progressive, this country was and still is a trendsetter in women’s rights. It was the first country where women could vote and one of the very few countries to have their sitting PM go on maternity leave.

If trivia isn’t your thing and you still have no idea, just ask Google the answer to no. 4.

If you think you know the location, email us and we will send you a special surprise* if your answer is correct.

*Surprise may not be special.

Read our rave reviews!

“A clever consciousness-raising performance which entertains and challenges the audience from start to finish.”
Ruth Letch, Dance Writer

“Confronting, imaginative and refreshingly honest.” 
Tiana Sixsmith, The AuReview

“Very interesting, brow raising and tongue biting show… Be prepared for anything.”
Svetlana Tishchenko, Weekend Notes

“As eclectic as the styling at a Fitzroy cafe… Senses overload.”
Jeni Wilson, Weekend Notes

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