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If you hadn’t heard, Bonnie has dusted off her dancing shoes to perform as part of Team Trampoline at RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. in Blacktown.

Here is an excerpt from Urban Theatre Projects e-news.


RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. kicked off last week and here’s what audiences on our first three nights had to say about this contemporary place-based experience in the heart of Blacktown.

“This collection of new works connected to place is fantastically avant-garde and wonderfully cool.”

Right Here. Right Now. brings people, strangers, together in an art experience that moves through the streets of Blacktown. It’s enormous fun.

“It was a such a rich, absorbing and engaging experience and not to forget our host Nitin, who was fantastic.”

“The whole night, from the smoking ceremony and dinner at an Afghan restaurant at the start to the surreal show The Nightline and singing in the street at the end, was terrific.”

Tickets are still available for this week and next week with performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You’ll experience a suite of new works developed by local and international artists presented in unique spaces along Main Street in Blacktown along with sharing fine food with new friends at a local restaurant.

Get in quick as capacity for the final shows is limited!


Image Credit: Uncle Wes Marne yarning at the opening, Somayeh in conversation with audiences at Pameer Restaurant and Katia Molino in The Nightline, photo by Clare Britton.

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