Meet Kirstyn

Kirstyn is joining the BCP team for our upcoming season of Wonderland.

What is Kirstyn’s role might you ask? Well, that is a good question.

Kirstyn’s role will be to help the audience navigate Wonderland, so you could say in a way, she is the captain of the ship. What type of captain she is, only those who dare to enter Wonderland will find out.

Kirstyn Niccolle is a multi-skilled creative, originally from the UK, currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Her versatility as a creative has allowed her to gain ample creative experience and skills training over the years.

She has worked as a live roaming entertainer across festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands, performed on stage as both an actor and musical theatre performer, has professional film set and screen acting experience, worked as an independent artist performing original music across Europe and Australia, has gained professional experience as a recording artist; singing both original and cover songs in professional studios as well as working as a featured singer and backing vocalist for various artists in Europe and Australia, she has hosted and co-produced an independent documentary, worked in voice-over, has collaborated as a model and brand representative with various professional photographers and labels and has undergone creatively producing her own works across various platforms from music to theatre, film and photography, multi-disciplinary immersive art and facilitating creative expression workshops through the credentials of her Arts Psychotherapy studies.

Kirstyn’s thirst for novel experiences, learning, training in skills in unconventional ways and collaborating through an array of media and entertainment platforms has moulded her into not just a versatile performer and creator, but a bold and daring one, too.

Her most recent projects include working as a double at Fox Studios for feature film Rising Wolf, recording original music to be released and performed in Sydney this year with Sydney producers, writing and performing in a short independent film and touring as a vocalist with several NSW musicians.

Kirstyn is very excited to be teaming up with fellow creative and dear friend Bonnie Curtis for her newest rendition of Wonderland and hopes to brings as much magic and curiosity to the show as she can muster!

See Kirstyn perform in Wonderland from March 27-April 5 in Sydney.

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