BCP Dancer in the Spotlight – Olivia Hadley

Olivia first joined Bonnie Curtis Projects to perform in ‘Wonderland’ in 2019. She was born and raised in Gold Coast and began ballet and jazz dancing at the age of 6 in the RAD syllabus.

Since graduating high school in 2018, Olivia was accepted to study and train at the highly-regarded Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year in Sydney directed by Linda Gamblin.

Since graduating from PPY, Olivia has worked with Stephanie Lake, performing in Colossus in the 2020 Sydney Festival. Olivia is working on different projects with independent dancers, including developing her own work on climate change.

Olivia is also performing in our upcoming season of Wonderland which we are planning on staging Wonderland in October. We will post an update on new performance dates once they are confirmed.

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