Classes and Updates for May 2020

First of all, let’s kick of the month with congratulating our very own, Bonnie Curtis, for being one of the recipients of the 2020 Choreographic Lab. The program provides a safe environment where emerging choreographers and dancers can come together to explore their creative practice.

So how have are you guys doing? We do hope you are all well and safe.

So even on a lock down, we had lots of things going on last month – from moving our classes online, putting together new ones and celebrating International Dance Day through free classes!

Now, we’re kicking off our 6 week sessions this week and we are so ready! We’ve been doing online classes for a couple of weeks now and it may be new (and daunting) to some of you, but trust us. You won’t believe you’ll have this much fun even at the comfort your own home.

Here are a couple of pictures from our past online classes to give you a peak:




Here are some classes you can take online:

Contemporary Dance for Adults

Tap Classes – Beginner Tap and Extended Tap Classes



Dance Conditioning

Join us for a fun and engaging workshop where you will improve your strength and flexibility.

This class draws on elements of pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique and strength and conditioning to develop new pathways in your body. You will focus on the principles of postural alignment and core stability to learn the correct use of muscles and develop solid technique.

It is suitable for not only dancers but people who have had injuries or haven’t trained for a while. This class will help you strengthen your body in a safe, nurturing environment.

Also, it is curated for small spaces. All you need is a chair, clear floor space and a small cushion.

Ballet Basics
This workshop is a beginner class for adults where you will learn the basics of Ballet. This class will cover the foundations of barre work and centre work, curated for small spaces. All you need is a chair and some clear floor space.

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