Have you had more dance in your life since the COVID-19 lockdown?

Would you like to share your positive dance experiences during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Our Artistic Director Bonnie Curtis is collecting your positive dance stories for a project she is working on commissioned by Delving into Dance.

Bonnie would love to chat with people who, since the shift to online, have been able to:
– take more dance classes
– watch performances you wouldn’t normally see because of geographical distance/cost/access needs, etc.

To share your story, ask questions or chat, please contact Bonnie Curtis via email: bc@bonniecurtisprojects.com

A note from Bonnie

A little bit about me and why I am working on this project.
I am a regional artist. I struggle to access dance classes and performances for a variety of reasons (cost, geographical distance, etc).

Since things have shifted online, I have been able to access classes and shows I would never have had the opportunity to before.

I want to share this silver lining in amongst all of the darkness for those who were living isolated lives prior to COVID-19. I want to share the things that have improved for them since COVID-19.


Contact Bonnie Curtis via email: bc@bonniecurtisprojects.com
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