Memory Lane Monday – Insect Decay

Insect Decay was presented at On The Cusp 2018.

It is an alternative reality based on the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series and a different type of Alice in Wonderland.

Note from the choreographer Bonnie Curtis:

“In hindsight, this 2018 apocalyptic nightmare was a prediction of our 2020 reality of breathlessness: bushfires and COVID-19.

When we created this work, my idea was that the air outside was going to kill us. It was mostly an idea of our future with global warming and air pollution.

Little did I know, 12 months later I would be choking on bushfire smoke that decimated my region. Forcing me to wear a mask so I could breathe inside my house because the smoke was so thick. Nor did I think we would be living in a pandemic where wearing a mask was also a necessity.

Maybe I am Nostradamus reincarnate.

Or maybe it was just something that was bound to happen and even blind Joe could see our future.”

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