Centre Stage with BCP Dance Student Robyn Skinner

“I love dancing because it takes my mind off work and anything else for an hour and that makes me happy.”

This month we’re bringing devoted BCP Online Dance Student Robyn Skinner centre stage and into the spotlight!

Sharing her dance journey with us, Robyn reminisces on her childhood dance classes, how the love she had for dance as a child is still burning strong and why BCP Online Dance Classes are part of Robyn’s weekly life.

Q. How did you start dancing?

I learnt “physie” when I was very young and started ballet, tap and jazz ballet when I was about 7.

Tap dancing I enjoyed because I liked the sound of the shoes and the music.

I felt quite good at Jazz Ballet, which I liked because I wasn’t good at sport.

For one of our dance concerts, I remember we had yellow leotards and black and white striped hats with cut-up curtain rods for canes for our tap dance.

I really liked performing, which is interesting because I am a bit of an introvert.

I started Highland dancing from age 8-18, I started because my friend Sharon learnt.

My favourite dances were the Irish Jig and the Blue Bonnets.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the precision and exactness required for the movements and the positions.

Through Highland dancing, I met my friend Samantha and we are still great friends.

We danced the Blue Bonnets together at the party after my wedding.

Q. How do you feel when you are dancing?

I love dancing because it takes my mind off work and anything else for an hour and that makes me happy.

Feeling strong and coordinated when I dance is something I enjoy and Tap dancing, in particular, is a joy, it is just noisy fun.

Although I don’t think I learn as quickly as I used to, and dancing isn’t as easy as it used to be, I am always pretty pleased with myself when I nail a new routine or pick up a new step or combination.

One thing I really like is that I feel worn out at the end of class because then I feel like I have done my best.

Q. Share with us some of the things you do outside BCP Online classes?

I am an environmental consultant so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer writing reports.

I am a mum to two kids aged 10 and 11.

Scrapbooking, cooking and researching my family tree are some of the things I enjoy doing.

Q. What BCP Dance Classes do you attend?

I attend online dance conditioning and ballet basics along with face-to-face contemporary, beginner tap and tap extension classes.

During the lockdown, I attended these classes online too.

I go along to weekend workshops as well.

Q. What do you enjoy most about BCP Online Classes?

I like that I don’t have to go out in the cold and I don’t have to organise for the kids to be minded.

Having the video to practice during the week is great too.

Q. We would love to know the best advice or tip your teacher has shared with you in class.

Don’t stick your bum out and engage your core.

All good tips to help with posture when I am not dancing.

Bonnie’s tip about smiling and looking confident even if you mess up is a good one too.

Q. What do you think are the benefits of online dance classes, being able to dance in your own home?

I am quite busy with work so I like being about to stop work and then five minutes later be in an online class.

No travel time.

If I tilt the screen down to my feet and I can eat and dance (or at least eat during the warm-ups and cool-downs).

I like having access to the class recording to watch during the week so I can practice.

Dancing at home is great because my daughter can join in, we do online ballet together.

Q. Who do you think BCP Online Classes would benefit?

Someone who is new to dancing or starting back after a break not necessarily confident about their ability.

Online classes are not intimidating like some face to face classes at some places can be.

People who are busy and may not be able to attend each week – you can just watch the video at your leisure if you need to miss a week.

Online classes would benefit anyone who finds it difficult to get out of the house because they have family or caring responsibilities.

In online classes, you can just hit the mute button and shout instructions at your family and then keep dancing.

Anyone who has difficulty committing to exercising.

With no need to get changed into your activewear, no driving, and no parking, there are limited excuses to not show up.

People who would like detailed feedback and corrections so they can improve.

Anyone who likes to dance with their pet near them or on top of them.

And people who like to see other people’s pets.

Q. Do you have any encouraging words to share with someone who might want to try a BCP Online Class?

The online classes are small so you actually get lots of feedback and corrections.
Classes include a warm-up cool down so you are not left to do those things on your own.
Classes are actually quite sociable we have a quick catch up at the start and end of each session.

Q. Last question. What is your all-time, favourite song or type of music you love to dance to?

I love dancing to Abba songs. May favourite Abba song to dance to is Dancing Queen.


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