Centre Stage with BCP Interns Ella and Courtney

We’ve recently had two wonderful dancers from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts join us to complete their internship.

Both Ella and Courtney have been working with us on the development of a short piece we will be performing at AMPA’s Unmasked performance in December 2020.

We caught up with Ella and Courtney to find out more about them.

Ella Power

Headshot of a young woman with auburn hair wearing a white top, sitting in front of a rocky cliff faceElla is a Sydney based dance artist. She began her dance training when she was 5 years old with Jenny Soulos. She went on to Narrabeen Dance Academy to further her training. Throughout her studies, Ella has trained in many genres of dance including ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, tap and hip hop.

Ella honed in on her contemporary and jazz technique while training at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, in their Bachelor Degree program. During her studies, Ella has worked with Jess Hesketh, Sam Parkes, Maya Gavish, Evie Morris, Anca Frankenhaeuser, Charlotte Dand, Rod Salcedo and other leading industry professionals.

As a dancer and creator, Ella loves the collaborative process of making dance. She dives deep into complex social topics that allow the audience to reflect on their role in the topics at hand. During her choreographic studies, Ella has explored the relationship between humans, technology and the impacts AI will have on our future quality of life.

Ella is looking forward to continuing her dance journey in both Australia and overseas. Ella is excited to experience different cultural practices of dance and the many wonderful experiences living abroad brings.


Courtney Grace Allerton

Headshot of a young woman with turquoise hair wearing a white top in front of a tree trunk

Courtney is a dancer based in Sydney. Starting her dance journey at the age of 3, Courtney began her training with Mary Geer Academy of Dance. Courtney performed for several years with Mary Geer at the Crowne Casino in Melbourne and has regularly performed with Diane Donovan Dancers, Sydney. During her training, Courtney participated in the Cecchetti Scholars program, a coaching program for exceptional young dancers.

Courtney went onto study a Bachelor of Dance at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Sydney. During her studies, Courtney has trained with Darren Disney, Anca Frankenhaeuser, Alyssia Jarvis, Maya Gavish, Sam Parkes, Charlotte Dand, Tiana Canterbury, and other leading industry professionals.

As an artist, Courtney explores the partnership between visual arts and dance. Aesthetic imagery and dark subject matter fascinate Courtney. She uses this to create surreal and interactive environments in dance performance. During her choreographic studies, she drew on her transformative life experiences as a catalyst for creation. Courtney works collaboratively with other dancers and is fascinated by the interpretation of her choreography.

In 2021 Courtney will be performing as a dancer in Bryan Brown Theatre’s “King and I”. After this, Courtney is looking forward to taking her dance journey overseas and furthering her artistic development.

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