BCP Dancers Create

As a dancer and choreographer, Bonnie encourages the BCP dancers to use their creative energy and develop their own works. Bonnie aims to use BCP as a platform for the dancers to create and present their works in tandem with works created by Bonnie.

During the 2017 season of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and the 2018 season of Tripelpunkt, we were able to present 2 works created by BCP dancers Kate Garrett and Kara Peake.

When I Was… 

Kate Garrett’s work When I Was... transports audiences to another time and place, discovering the joyful stories of generations past. Featuring music by British folk band Steeleye Span, When I Was..brings to life the profoundly human experiences of love, misjudgement and loss.

Choreographed by Kate Garrett in collaboration with her cast.

Anna McCulla, Kate Garrett, Kristy Maskell, Kara Peake and Steph Wyburn.

Music Credits
Weaver composed by Steeleye Span
Saucy Sailor composed by Steeleye Span
When I Was On Horseback composed by Steeleye Span

Is This Making Scents? 

Choreographed by Kara Peake, is an exploration into the effects that scent can have on the mind and body. By stimulating our olfactory senses, we are able to discover how certain smells influence our mood, memories and the way in which we move. How could bringing an awareness to our sense of smell, enhance not only our sensory experiences but contribute to a fuller life experience? The dancers will indulge their own senses and lure their audience into a state of heightened scent-sual awareness.

Kate Garrett, Miriam Giles, Kristy Maskell and Kara Peake.

Music Credits
Motion composed by Balam Acab
We Have A Map Of The Piano composed by Múm
In The Dark composed by Shlohmo