Develop your creativity and explore creative movement in a friendly, social and non-judgemental environment in Bowral with Bonnie Curtis Projects.

Our classes are for adults of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. We welcome everybody to our inclusive and non-judgemental space and make learning to dance fun!

We explore creative dance through a variety of solo, partnered and group activities, improvisation, games and free dance sessions. We will help you discover new ways to move your body and guide you through your own personal journey of creative expression through dance.

Together we’ll explore the different tools that will help you discover the joy of dance and freedom in movement.

Creative dance is a great way to develop your physical fitness and connect with like-minded people.

You’ll be taught by Bonnie Curtis, an award-winning choreographer and dancer with a passion for spreading her love of dance. Learn more about Bonnie and the dance company here.

What past students are saying

“I enjoyed such a different way of moving”, Hilary, 44.

“I am loving moving my body in a supportive environment”, Alex, 52.

Class details

Creative dance classes are suited to adults of all ages and skill levels. While it is a physically active class, it is structured in a way that lets you move at your own pace and skill level, and according to your own level of fitness.

Classes are held every Monday at 11am at Kazcare Hall, 15 -17 Kirkham Road, Bowral, and go for one hour.

Single and multi-class passes available.

Purchase class

For more information email us at info@bonniecurtisprojects.com.

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