Biomechanical Stretching with Coti Cibils

Classes will be via Jitsi Meet

A safe and organic way to give a boost to your flexibility while also developing the strength to hold those positions.

For information on accessing the class contact Coti
Email: coticibils.danceandflex@gmail.com
IG: @coticibils.danceandflex

Testimonial: “I have always had tight hip flexors and psoas muscles. I have never been able to release them despite physio and stretching. Coti’s class was the first time I have ever felt release and length in my hips. I felt so free in torso after her class. I would highly recommend Coti’s class for people with persistent tightness.” – Bonnie Curtis, Artistic Director Bonnie Curtis Projects

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Jul 04 2020


4:00 pm

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