Based on Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual development and personality theories, Berggasse 19 explores topics that have shaped our current understanding of humanity. Freud’s theories explore the complexities of human sexuality, behaviour and personality. His work, while often controversial, intended to address the question of human nature and the source of human motivation. He argued that the subconscious mind and childhood experiences influence our everyday behaviours and emotional states. Freud’s work aimed to explain the cause and effect of conflicts in the mind during a time that was repressed by social etiquette and propriety. Freud worked tirelessly to help his patients understand why they deviated from the apparent normal personality.

Berggasse 19 addresses the intrinsic aspects that make us human: attachment, control, rebellion, forbidden desires and thoughts, guilt, self-contempt, and aggression.

Choreographed by Bonnie Curtis in collaboration with her cast.

Teagan Dixon, Jessica Dyson, Madelen Hekeik, Fianna Huang-Ryan, Sara Moad, Robbie Wright & Steph Wyburn

Music Credits
Phenomenon composed by Robert Henke.
Nu composed by Ori Lichtik.
Burst composed by Merril Nisker.

Berggasse 19 premiered on April 30, 2015 at the NIDA Playhouse Theatre, Sydney, Australia.
Created with thanks to Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Sydney

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