Blazin It Up (with a mid song climax)


What happens when you combine a pseudo-documentary/biography/experiment/ with the best song of the late 90s? This is what happens.

In Order of Appearance
Kristy Maskell    No. 1 Blazer
Bonnie Curtis    Blonde Blazer
Kate Garrett    Drunk Blazer
Steph Wyburn    Legs forever Blazer
Ella Barton    Next Top Model Blazer

Darude Sandstorm

Fluffer    Drew. P Wiener
Stunts     Bonino Fucola
Casting Director    Maya Buttreeks
Costume Design    Seymour Butts
Camera Operator    Bonnie Curtis, Jackson Curtis & Kate Garrett
Associate Producer    Bonino Fucola
Editor    Bonnie Curtis
Art Director     Mike Hunt
Director of Photography    Bonino Fucola & Jackson Curtis
Director & Producer    Bonnie Curtis
Executive Producer    Bonino Fucola

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