Bonnie began developing a new work during DirtyFeet’s Choreographic Lab Program in 2020.

The research questions Bonnie entered the studio with were:

  • What are the limitations of my female body?
  • What are society’s limitations of the female body?
  • How do I embody these limitations placed on me by society?
  • Are these limitations physical or psychological manifestations?

Bonnie worked with 3 dancers and a mentor during her 2-week residency at Readymade in Sydney.


DANCE ARTISTS: Tammy Bouman, Holly Craig and Aroha Pehi.

MENTOR: Kay Armstrong.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Hayley Rose Photography.

VIDEOGRAPHY: Emma Harrison.

This project is supported by DirtyFeet; the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, and in NSW through Regional Arts NSW; and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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