Born in Alstonville, New South Wales, Sabrina trained at The McDonald College, Sydney. Sabrina went onto study at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Sydney. She completed a Bachelor of Dance, majoring in Contemporary Dance Performance. During her degree, Sabrina completed an internship with Critical Path, Sydney, giving her insight into contemporary dance practices.

As a performer, Sabrina has worked in both Australia and overseas in theatre and dance. In 2017 Sabrina was awarded a Dance Makers Collective secondment at the Sharp Short Dance Choreographic Competition.
Sabrina is currently working with Emma Saunders’ on Encounter, commissioned and produced by Form Dance Projects for the Sydney Festival, 2020.
Sabrina engages with analysing human behaviour within domestic and public environments. She takes inspiration from people’s daily lives and how their body communicates language via gestures, facial expressions and physical behaviour.
Sabrina first joined Bonnie Curtis Projects to perform in ‘Wonderland’ in 2020.
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