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Our limited edition GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS memory card game was designed by our multi-talented dancer Anna McCulla.

Anna put her heart and soul into creating this limited edition memory card game and has hand-drawn and crafted each card.

Anna has transformed the side-splitting comedy of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS into a cute and fun card game you can play with your friends and family.

Featuring the hilarious lines from our tutorial on how to look perfect for your next selfie (so you never forget those important tips…)

“Don’t stand at the end of the line.”
“Laugh. A real smile trumps a fake one.”
“Put your hand on your hip.”
“Put your chin up and out.”
“Avoid bulky clothing.”
“Slightly twist your body.”
“Grab a prop.”
“Stand up straight.”
“Pull up your shoulders.”
“Cross your ankles.”
“Stare off into the distance.”
“Go upside down. Perk up those old knockers.”


Total of 24 cards per packet.

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