Keep your body moving and your mind active with our online dance classes!

Get dance fit in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

BCP Online Classes are brilliant for people who want to receive quality teaching without needing to travel outside your home.

Learn how to dance from anywhere in the world.

Our online classes are created for small spaces like your living room, dining room or that little space you’ve managed to clear somewhere in your home.

This class draws on elements of Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique, Strength and Conditioning and Classical Ballet Technique.

This class is suitable for not only dancers but people who have had injuries or haven’t trained for a while.

This class is curated for small spaces.


✔️  Exercise ball
✔️  Resistance Band
✔️  Lacrosse Ball (a spiky ball can be used as an alternative)
✔️  Small Ball (a small cushion or soccer ball can be used as a substitute)

Classes are taught by award-winning choreographer Bonnie Curtis.


✔️  Your online class is recorded and made available 1 hour after your session finishes.

✔️  Videos are available for 7 days.

✔️  This is fantastic for catching up if you miss a class, practicing in-between classes or participating in the class at a time that suits you.


✔️  People who love dance and want to improve their core strength.

✔️  Dancers who would like to enhance their physical strength and capabilities.

✔️  People with injuries who want to return to physical activity.

✔️  People who want to take class from the convenience of their homes.

✔️  People who enjoy a small class environment.


✔️  Try one class first

✔️  Speak to an instructor first, click here to book a free call

✔️  Obtain feedback on your first class

“I am impressed with how the classes are run, they are fun and engaging with just the right amount of challenge.”

Gemma, 29, BCP Online Student

“Bonnie takes the time to give everyone feedback to help us improve and it works.”

BCP Online Student

“I like having the videos so I can go back over something I didn’t get during class.”

Robyn, 48, BCP Online and Face-to-Face Student

“I enjoyed learning different ways of engaging muscles.”

Jo, BCP Dance Conditioning Student

“I enjoyed going back to basics, it’s a gentle form to get the right result.”

Bethan, BCP Dance Conditioning Student

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