Photography by David Bonnell at Sydney Dance Photography


We are very lucky to have people who believe in what we do and are willing to support and sustain us.

We would like to thank our major supporter, Annandale Creative Arts Centre. Without them, we would not have been able to create the works we have. We are forever grateful for their ongoing support.





We would like to thank our Patreon supporters (in no particular order):





Alex Dellaportas @ Spark Youth Dance Company


Blake Day

Brigitte Evans

David Bonnell @ Sydney Dance Photography

Mike Wilson

Sara Moad

We would like to thank the people who have donated to our Australian Cultural Fund Campaigns.




There are many others who have helped and supported us along the way.

A special shout out goes to you guys, you know who you are and we are so thankful for the little things you have done to help us get where we are.

Thank you!

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