Stemming from Bonnie’s previous work GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, TX1000 draws on the dancers experiences playing “dress ups” with the audience. TX1000< takes the audience on a surreal journey featuring an interactive testing of the new TX-1000 Prototype.

Choreographed by Bonnie Curtis in collaboration with her cast.

Ina Margrethe Borch, Bonnie Curtis, Kate Garrett, Bernadett Lorincz, Anna McCulla, Bae McKibbin, Jessie Rochford-Barber & Steph Wyburn.

Music Credits
I Wanna Touch Your Soul composed by Benny Benassi
Text and audio arrangement by Bonnie Curtis.

TX1000 was developed during a residency with Annandale Creative Arts Centre and premiered at the 2018 season of Platform Shorts, Sydney.

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