“Choreographically the work was demanding and included sculptural writhing, slow elegant falls, difficult lifts and interweaving duos and trios”

Sydney Arts Guide

How do females connect/disconnect with their bodies, other bodies and the space around them? How does the process of decay lead to the destruction and transformation of this connection/disconnection? Inspired by the process of radioactive decay and transmutation, Vogelsang explores how relationships between bodies and space form, evolve, disintegrate and transform before our eyes, never to be seen again.

Choreographed by Bonnie Curtis in collaboration with her cast.

Ina Margrethe Borch, Kate Garrett, Bernadett Lorincz, Anna McCulla, Bae McKibbin, Sara Moad, Kara Peake, Jessie Rochford-Barber & Steph Wyburn.

Music Credits
Alchemy composed by Willaris. K

Performed as part of Tripelpunkt 2018.

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