The 2020 Sydney Season of Wonderland has been postponed. Our priority is to keep BCP dancers, staff and audiences safe. As the nature of Wonderland is an interactive performance set in small spaces, we cannot in good conscience perform the work and expose people to potential infection.

This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly.

We have worked very hard over the past few months to create Wonderland. It is heartbreaking for us to be unable to perform for you at a time when we all need something to distract us momentarily.
When we do share Wonderland with you, we know you will be moved by the dancers’ performances.
We are planning on staging Wonderland in October and will post an update on new performance dates once they are confirmed.

Please consider helping us. Bonnie Curtis Projects is an independent dance company. This means we do not receive any funding from Australian Arts councils or Government bodies to create our works or pay our performers.

Our works are partially funded by Patreon Supporters of Bonnie Curtis Projects, which covers some of our production expenses.
In challenging times such as these, with our current season unstaged, your financial support is needed more than ever. You may wish to consider making a contribution here. Your gift will help ensure that we can continue to make thought-provoking and innovative works, and share the joy of dance with audiences.

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